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About School
Creative Education School is a completely new type of the educational institution in a Georgian-school system. The school is established on the basis of considerable theoretical and practical experience locally and internationally .

The main distinguishing feature of the school is its attitude towards the process of learning. In order to enhance and maintain the quality, the school is confined to the enrollment of 50 students at most. According to the board experience, smaller quantity of students enables to improve performance results. Besides, smaller number of students leads to the facilitation and intensification of daily relations among students, their parents and the school administration (including the faculty members). Such simplification creates very friendly and comfortable school atmosphere. According to the above mentioned proportion, student-teacher ratio is high, making up 3 students per teacher.

The applicants are chosen on the basis of academic performance level, skills, abilities, personal moral values and aspirations. There are secondary-high school terms (VII – XII ), international learning center (foreign languages and programs for studying abroad), professional audio-video learning studio( All these educational units encourage extensive development of students. Such development, in its turn, enables teenagers to not only get high level general education, but also gain professional skills, which are of great importance in choosing their future professions and getting higher qualification (tertiary education) in a relevant field. Besides, if students plan to get international education, we aim at helping them to pass the courses for international (British and American) academic programs (SAT, TOEFL, IELTS) , select the universities and pass admission procedures.

The school is equipped with state-to-art technologies and there are used diverse visual and technological means, which make the process of learning more involving and comprehensive. In addition to diverse and prolific sources, there is a unique DVD and CD collection in the school library. The library is open for all school working time and students can work in online regime using their own passwords, and, in case of need, stay there for additional hours.
Sports and physical education are especially accentuated at the school. Students are offered diverse and extensive physical exercises in our partner sports centers including swimming and tennis (swimming pool Arena and Medical University tennis courts), chess (on the school territory).